bumbu trip

/bʌmˈbu trɪp/

bumbu trip gets it’s name from the Indonesian word bumbu which stands for spice.bumbu has a positive connotation achieved through diversity of fresh ingredients. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve at bumbu trip: positive experiences, freshness and diversity!

spice + trip = we bring spice to your life!

bumbu trip is an application which links travelers with local offerings.To do so, we match the right activities with the right people.

Why did we create bumbu trip? very simple.

If you travel around, chances are that you have some time between two appointments and you want to use that time to explore an area.Typically here is how you would proceed: you search on google, look around maps & reviews, check times, evaluate providers, and so forth. By the time you have made your research, time is up and we you need to move on.
So the search process is time-consuming and ineffective.

This is where bumbu trip comes in.

bumbu trip enables you to easily search for activities by– geography,– time,– length, and– many other criteria.On bumbu trip, you can read about an activity, check out the guide profile and conclude the booking directly on the app.That way, you minimize the time wasted on the search process.